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Assessment SeminarS


The weekend seminar gives a coach a new perspective on working with clients. 


The weekend will be a mix of theoretical and practical work emphasizing movement-based treatment for pain and discomfort in the body, mental health, and emotional trauma. 


The Assessment Seminar looks at the body as a whole, educating fitness professionals on the body's different systems to cope with pain/discomfort and how physical pain can be led by trauma or behavioral cycles. The goal is to educate you to work with clients, not only on the physical; emotions and behaviors are stored as discomfort, pain, or faulty movement patterns in the body.


We will cover basic movement patterns and the concept of tension over position, as well as the Nervous system and its effects on the body's reactive system. An in-depth analysis of Emotional Mapping and how changing the neural output of a muscle can lead to better mental health! 


You will get the guidelines and a blueprint to help people battling discomfort due to improper or specialized movement patterns, mental health, or emotional trauma.


Alper (December 2022)

All in all, the seminar was great. Even though I have been following you for a couple of years, working with you in person makes a big difference - by getting in touch and talking about things I can learn a lot more compared to „only listening“ to you on podcasts, instagram posts etc.


After the seminar I can say - the less content you offer and the more intense the execution and exploration part ist, the more I learned at the seminar.

Jumping dips, and mostly holding the upper position helped me so much more to feel my pecs than any other exercise I have done so far. I tend to do exercises way to complex instead of keeping it simple - that was a game changer for me.


After running through your content, it was also really helpful to do an assessment myself with a participant.


By the way, I started to assess my friends and family. 6 assessments so far and your principle from "core to extremity" really really helped me. Especially understanding the eye-test better, helped me to help my „clients“.


I am looking forward to my month in the mentoring program.


See you,

René ( December 2022)

Still digesting the experiences from that weekend and trying to connect to left pec, left rear delt, right psoas, right hamstring...


I've already seen a lot of progress in myself and the clients I am coaching (regarding the short period of time). I was able to help people that have been dealing with back and knee pain for years by applying the simple principles from the workshop.


I really enjoyed that there was that almost perfect mix of theory & practicing/experiencing the stuff ourselves. 


The only thing was that doing the assessments ourselves at the end of the two day seminar was a bit overwhelming, because I was totally exhausted and my brain was trying to deal with all the new info (from both days). 

Not sure if it was possible to maybe do a lower body assessment on half of the group on day 1 and upper body for the other half (meaning half of the group does the assessment on the other half day 1 and vice versa on day 2). So it is a shorter block on each of the days and not one bigger one on the end of day 2.


Anyways it was really the "push" I needed to start digging deeper into the whole muscles storing emotions/trauma again. 


Thanks a lot.


The objective is to understand better how the body works and learns. After the Seminar, you will have a new tool kit to get clients out of pain/discomfort and ensure they stay pain-free through their months and years of training with you. In addition, you will gain a new perspective on stress, physical, mental, and emotional traumas, how they are stored in the body, and how to release them through proper training actively. 



  • Guiding Principle

    • Training

    • Stimulus

      • Exercise as a byproduct

    • Objective

  • Tension Over Position

    • Torque Chains

    • Deep understanding of simple vs. complex Exercises

    • Break down of movement and exercise to better physical discomfort

  • Guidelines of an Assessment

  • Swami

    • The Physical

    • The Mental

    • The Emotional

  • Mobility necessary for different movement patterns

  • Intensity Scale

    • How much skill is necessary

    • Structural Strength 

  • Balancing an athlete Physically

    • Deep Understanding of movement patterns

      • Hinge Exercises

        • Proper tension

        • Displacements 

      • Pressing Exercises

        • Proper tension

        • Displacements 

      • Pulling Exercises

        • Proper tension

        • Displacements 

      • Squat Exercises

        • Proper tension

        • Displacements 

  • Balanced Program

    • Breaking down program styles

    • KISS programs

  • Selfish Brain Theory

    • Five steps to change behavior cognitively

  • Introduction to Emotional Mapping

    • Where emotion, traumas, and behaviors are in the body

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