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Intro To Health Through Our Senses

Course Starts May 13th, 2022

We created this course to help you find more energy and motivation in your life.


It will help you improve sleep, libido, work/life productivity, and vitality.


The course will cover introductory knowledge accessible to everyone from any background. We will cover theory alongside our own experiences to provide practical applications to best guide you to better health through your senses.

To have a healthy and well-balanced life, we must consider all aspects of ourselves. Therefore, we will address these topics when learning about health and wellness: psychological, environmental, spiritual, and cultural factors.


Light is a vital determinant of the human experience. So, how can we harness what we know about light for health? Did you know our blood vessels sense light? Even our eyes control our hormone cycles. 


Like light, sound is another tool we can use to provide the body with information and energy on a path to presence. Why do you enjoy certain songs or genres? Do you use music to your advantage? Let’s discuss practical ways to incorporate sound into your path to wellbeing!


The enjoyment of food is one of the highest-rated factors determining the quality of life. So let us guide you through ways to improve these senses and see how they can raise your experience of the world around and within you.


Understanding darkness, sleep, and stillness will help you recover and feel energized. However, this sense will enhance your enjoyment of all the other senses, promote positive action in the day and move towards a healthier you!


Touch can influence pain or pleasure, be hard or soft, and immediately change how you feel. Through building awareness, Richard and Ed will enhance your ability to feel, allow you to discover ways to reduce discomfort, and reconnect to your physical body.

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