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[Guide] How to become an online certified fitness trainer and movement coach?

Table of Contents


  1. What is online movement coaching?

  2. Benefits of being an online certified fitness trainer

  3. Main 3 Steps to becoming an online certified fitness trainer

  4. Choose your specialty and list of fitness certifications

  5. Gain the right fitness trainer qualifications

  6. Start promoting yourself as a movement coach



In the health and fitness sector, online movement coaching is a relatively new - and rapidly expanding - phenomena.

Although more and more individuals have firsthand knowledge of its advantages, many people continue to have questions about how it truly operates.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, online certified fitness trainers became increasingly popular for two main reasons: gyms closed and movement coaches needed a way to keep working, and people all over the world needed efficient home workout options.

Certified fitness trainers prefer to work remotely regardless of location which is a definite advantage of this profession.

In this article, we will look at how to become an online certified fitness trainer and movement coach, as well as the main advantages of this profession.

1. What is online movement coaching (in fitness)?

So first of all it is worth understanding what a movement coach is and how this area works online.

Online movement coaching is the practice of providing physical fitness instruction through the use of live and recorded video, specialized training apps, or, in the case of some larger organizations, online dashboards.

A client of an online movement coach is questioned about their aspirations as well as some of their present fitness and lifestyle routines.

From there, the certified fitness trainers design a workout plan that is customized to the client's unique objectives and needs.

Throughout the week, the online certified fitness trainers speak with clients, typically by email or video call. They offer complete assistance to help their clients complete their workouts, adhere to their plans, and accomplish their objectives.