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[Guide] How to become an online certified fitness trainer and movement coach?

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In the health and fitness sector, online movement coaching is a relatively new - and rapidly expanding - phenomena.

Although more and more individuals have firsthand knowledge of its advantages, many people continue to have questions about how it truly operates.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, online certified fitness trainers became increasingly popular for two main reasons: gyms closed and movement coaches needed a way to keep working, and people all over the world needed efficient home workout options.

Certified fitness trainers prefer to work remotely regardless of location which is a definite advantage of this profession.

In this article, we will look at how to become an online certified fitness trainer and movement coach, as well as the main advantages of this profession.

1. What is online movement coaching (in fitness)?

So first of all it is worth understanding what a movement coach is and how this area works online.

Online movement coaching is the practice of providing physical fitness instruction through the use of live and recorded video, specialized training apps, or, in the case of some larger organizations, online dashboards.

A client of an online movement coach is questioned about their aspirations as well as some of their present fitness and lifestyle routines.

From there, the certified fitness trainers design a workout plan that is customized to the client's unique objectives and needs.

Throughout the week, the online certified fitness trainers speak with clients, typically by email or video call. They offer complete assistance to help their clients complete their workouts, adhere to their plans, and accomplish their objectives.

Just like in a gym or studio, an online certified fitness trainers uses the internet to train clients. The ease and flexibility of exercising at home make a difference.

Fitness instructors provide advice on how to work out in a variety of methods. Effective techniques include online courses, private training sessions, and printable manuals.

Your unique approach to becoming an online certified fitness trainer and movement coach can take many different variations. You could:

  • Offer your whole clientele base general weekly and/or monthly fitness schedules.

  • Offer clients individualized exercise programs based on predetermined objectives.

  • Offer a hybrid strategy that combines in-person group workouts with remote support.

  • Include nutrition movement coaching and health advice in your prescribed exercise program.

  • Conduct virtual fitness trainer qualification evaluations

  • Build a video collection with examples of how to perform exercises properly

2. Benefits of being an online certified fitness trainer

You care about seeing people live happy, healthy lives as a professional in movement coaching.

However, you've probably overheard clients lament the expense and inconvenience of going to the gym to exercise.

You can entirely fix this problem as an online certified fitness trainer and movement coach.

Customers can work out in the convenience of their own homes rather than in a facility.

Additionally, there are numerous coaching choices when you work as an online movement coach.

Your clients can use the tutorials you create at any moment by downloading them. Also you can set up progress monitoring using a paid app. Make the space and tools available to you on your own rather than coaching around them.

Also becoming an online certified fitness trainer includes:

Scale: Being an online certified movement coach means as much business as you want. You don't have to be present with your clients in person.

This opens up a lot more work for you than it would have for a conventional personal trainer.

Adaptable: Operating your movement coaching business online offers a limitless range of options.

Using the technology that best suits your coaching approach, you can conduct sessions however you see fit. But maybe most crucially, you can do it whenever and anywhere you like.

Cost-effective: Your clients can frequently save money by receiving movement coaching online.

This makes your company far more appealing than pricey personal training in a gym. Customers may work out without having to pay exorbitant membership costs.

3. Main 3 Steps to becoming an online certified fitness trainer

The most adaptable and economical method for achieving your fitness objectives is online movement coaching.

An online movement coaching plan can be for you if you like to work when and where it suits you rather than relying on the availability and location of others.

You have therefore made the decision to learn how to launch a business and become a certified fitness trainer.

Just a few things need to be set into motion at this point. There are 3 basic steps that will help you achieve your goal and become an online certified fitness trainer:

4. Choose your specialty and list of fitness certifications you need

Of course, the list of fitness certifications depends on the specialization and fitness trainer qualification. For these reasons, movement coaches need to consider the factors above when choosing a specialization.

As a traditional certified fitness trainer, you might not have been able to be very selective. But you have a particular chance to select a specialty as an online certified fitness trainer and movement coach.

If you're sincerely passionate about what you're teaching, you'll be an even better teacher.

Think about your assets... What do you do well? What would you like to explore further? Do you adore endurance sports? Are you known for employing efficient and secure rehabilitation?

Study the specialty lists and figure out what you like most.

The list of fitness certifications also depends on the major you choose. In some cases, you may need to retrain and get new types of certifications.

In this case, you need to understand the field and then focus on the list of fitness certifications.

5. Gain the right fitness trainer qualifications

Ascertain whether additional education or training is necessary or would be advantageous.

For instance, before becoming certified fitness trainers their teaching certification, yoga instructors must complete a specified number of training hours.

Typically, no formal degree is required to work as an online fitness coach.

However, depending on your area of expertise, you could desire a fitness trainer qualification that proves your subject matter expertise.

This could be a degree in exercise science or credentials for teacher training.

Even if you don't get new certifications, it's wise to continue your education and upgrade your fitness trainer qualifications.

Keeping up-to-date with the latest methods and tools will help you keep your services fresh and relevant.

6. Start promoting yourself as a movement coach

You can use a variety of material formats while offering online movement coaching to highlight your abilities and style.

Future profits from adding a blog to your online movement coaching business are possible.

A blog can benefit your bottom line in addition to enhancing your search engine rankings: brands that blog receive 67% more possibilities for sales than brands that don't.

Here are some concepts for relevant, unique blog posts:

  • Videos of you demonstrating your own repetitions or entire workouts

  • Infographics that illustrate various body compositions

  • Blog entries debunking common fitness fallacies

  • Major business figures as guest authors

Always keep your target customer in mind when creating content. A professional athlete will have quite different interests than someone who is just starting out in fitness.


The opportunity to work as an online certified fitness trainer has never been greater. This sector of movement coaching is flourishing, and online learning is becoming more and more popular.

You may start constructing your business, writing blog articles and seminars, and selling things right away if you have a niche in mind and the ideal customer.

Consistency and planning are two essential components of becoming an online certified fitness trainer and movement coach.

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